Mayor & Council

Local Government is the most accessible and responsive level, comprised of citizens elected by the residents within the Village. 

Meet your Mayor and Council

Mayor Tom Zeleznik, Councillor Aidan McLaren-Caux, Councillor Mason Hough, Councillor Dolly Edwards and Councillor Tina Knooihuizen govern the Village of Nakusp. This council began its four-year term of office in 2022 through to 2026.

Learn more about our community leaders’ wealth of experience and their current committee responsibilities by perusing their biographies.

Group photo of Nakusp's mayor an council. There are three men and two women standing side-by-side smiling.

Council Code Of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is a written document that sets shared expectations for conduct and behaviour.  Responsible conduct of elected officials is not optional; it is essential to good governance. 

Review the Village of Nakusp Council Code of Conduct (PDF)