Arts & Culture

The Village of Nakusp encourages community growth by accessing, using, and appreciating arts, culture, and historic sites. Nakusp has many active non-profit arts and cultural groups dedicated to providing access to local arts and culture in our area:

Nakusp Rail Society

Nakusp Rail Society was formed to be stewards of the 1977 caboose, 1913 Jordon Spreader and 1921 snowplow, which were donated to the Village of Nakusp by CP Rail in 2016. More information about the Nakusp Rail Society can be found on Facebook.

Arrow Lakes District Arts Council

The Arts Council is an all-volunteer, low-budget organization – founded over 40 years ago to promote society's arts, culture and heritage sector and to serve in whatever capacity we can assist our local artists, musicians, historians, etc. 

Arrow Lakes Fine Arts Guild

The Arrow Lakes Fine Arts Guild is a non-profit association comprised of area artists and community members of the Arrow Lakes district. The Arrow Lakes Fine Arts Guild Society aims to provide the optimum exhibition space for the visual arts in the West Kootenays and beyond for the established and emerging artists showcasing the highest quality works for those areas. Find more information about Arrow Lakes Fire Arts Guild on Facebook. 

Society for Nakusp Community Events

The Society for Nakusp Community Events comprises residents to provide community events. From the July 1st celebrations to the Light Up Fest held in December, the society is actively working on hosting more events. Find more information about the Society for Nakusp Community Events on Facebook.  

Old Fire Hall Collective Society

 To inspire, nourish, and support local communities by acting as an incubator for economically viable, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound ideas.

Old Fire Hall Collective