Address Identification

All properties must display their address for multiple reasons, safety is the number one reason!  Emergency crews cannot find your address if it is not displayed at all, or if it’s poorly displayed.  Does your property have a suite, carriage home or cabin around back?  It is necessary to display those addresses in the front of the property as well.

Address numbers need to fit a standard to comply with the Address Identification Bylaw.  A quick breakdown of the requirements are:

Materials – metal, plastic, or other waterproof material in a dark finish, preferably black.  The numbers can be painted.

Size – numbers must be at least 5 inches in height and placed on plain white or very light colored background.

Location – numbers must be placed at a minimum of 4 feet from ground level or higher.  Best practice for long driveways to display the address number at the entrance to the property, on a post firmly anchored in the ground, with the light background at least 10” x 18” in size.  

Style – numbers must be in number format, not written numbers. Example below:
Village Office Address – 91 1st Street NW
Not Acceptable – Ninety One / Ninety-One
Acceptable – 91

Visibility – address numbers must be visible from the street.  Make sure there are no shrubs, trees, brush or any other obstacles in the way.  Think about contrasting colours, make sure your house numbers standout against the background they are on.