Emergency Management

Stay Informed – Emergencies can strike at any time.

Call 1.800.663.3456 to report a major emergency such as a forest fire, flood or hazardous material spill.

To find out about local, up-to-date Fire Ban Restrictions, please visit the provincial Wildfire Management Branch. 

Wildfire Management Branch

Protecting public safety is the priority of the government. Several agencies must work together to assist people with evacuation and access to shelter, clean water, and food when emergencies occur. Municipalities and regional districts have emergency plans in place to protect their citizens. The Province assists local government in being prepared before disaster strikes and will activate the provincial emergency management structure to support local emergency operations centers (EOC) during emergencies.

The Regional District will open an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) to support the emergency or disaster when required. An EOC is responsible for various duties, such as declaring a state of local emergency, coordinating multiple agencies, providing media releases, and managing evacuees.

The Regional District has prepared Emergency Response Plans for seven areas, including Nakusp and Electoral Area K.