Voyent Alert Notification System

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen Voyent Alert! Notification Service to keep you informed during emergencies and periodic Village information.  Registering is straightforward, FREE, and anonymous. 

What is the Emergency Notification System

The Village of Nakusp uses VoyentAlert!'s emergency notification system. This mass notification system allows the Village to send critical information to residents and visitors in an emergency.   

When is it used?

The system is used in case of emergency or disaster that requires you to take action, as well as periodic information related to Village services and functions, such as garbage and recycling schedule changes, road closures, facility shutdowns, and other similar events.   

How does it work:

The notification system uses advanced geospatial technology to send personalized alerts based on your selected locations. When you register, you will receive notifications via the mobile app, mobile phone (text and call), email, or landline. 
The notifications will include information relevant to the emergency, a map showing the affected area, and directions such as shelter-in-place or Evacuation Orders/Alerts.