Finance Department

Keeping Our House in Order

In finance, we are responsible for the financial administration of Village affairs, which includes providing accounting services such as payroll, accounts payable, taxation, utility billings, investments, debt management, and general accounts receivable.

How do we do it? It’s a team effort!

The Village of Nakusp provides programs and services and manages parks, roads, infrastructure, and facilities on behalf of the community. The Village must balance municipal revenues with expenditures and reserve transfers to pay for municipal services and to save for future expenses.

Each year council reviews the priorities and goals for the upcoming year and directs staff to prepare a comprehensive Five-Year Financial Plan, as required by the Community Charter.

Our Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer provide direction and guidance to staff and departmental directors during the development of the Five-Year Financial Plan. Then, Council deliberates on and ultimately adopts a Five-Year Financial Plan.

From the Five-Year Financial Plan, tax rates are calculated, tax rate bylaws are adopted, and property tax notices are sent to property owners for payment.