Roads & Sidewalks


The Village of Nakusp has 32 km of paved roads, 2 km of unpaved roads, and 6.6 km of laneways. In order to manage this transportation network efficiently, the Village has adopted a Road Management Plan. The Village is also responsible for the municipality's trail network and the Hot Springs footbridge.

Road Management Plan 


The Village conducts annual inspections and completes maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements on sidewalks. Boulevard maintenance, vegetation control, garbage collection, and snow removal are shared with property owners.

To report an issue or concern about roads or sidewalks in the Village, please contact the Village Office. 

Snow Removal for Roads and Sidewalks

All owners/occupiers must ensure that all sidewalks abutting or fronting their property are clear of all snow, ice, dirt, litter, and rubbish.  

 Snow from business parking lots or private land (including driveways) must not be pushed onto the roadway. 

For further clarification, please see our Snow Clearing Plan for 2024.

Snow Clearing Plan 2024

Pot Hole Identification

Our Public Works crew works diligently to identify potholes on our municipal roads. We always appreciate the public's assistance and are pleased to provide a form for your convenience. 

Street Address