Micro Hydro

Exterior of micro generation station. It looks like a small, grey shed in the middle of the woods.

The Village of Nakusp commissioned its micro hydro generation station in 2014.  The small micro hydro building, adjacent to the million-gallon reservoir, houses a 50 kW Pelton-wheel turbine, that is directly connected to an induction generator. Surface water passing through the Pelton-wheel of the turbine, generates hydroelectricity. This turbine system is designed to produce 50 kW of power on a continual basis.

Power from the micro hydro generation station is sold to BC Hydro and the electricity is fed back into the utility grid, transforming the kinetic energy of gravity-fed water into an alternate revenue stream. 

Once the surface water has passed through the generator, it runs through a 10” pipe to the Village’s water treatment plant, where it is filtered, micro-filtered, treated with UV light and injected with chlorine.  After being stored in the reservoir, it is available for use in the water distribution system.